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Emanuela Orler

The Orler Factory  promotes some artists to the public by dividing them into different groups, trying to offer a diversified product: NEW CONTEMPORARY IDEAS (young artists or new ideas that are trending well in the galleries), DESIGNERS AND ARCHITECTS and a large space dedicated to STREET ART, URBAN ART,  AND GRAFFITI. We strongly aim to reach the highest international level.
The Orler Factory doesn’t stop with TV. It continues to move away from the screens by choosing exhibition spaces of the highest level.
The Orler Factory is on the web, with a TV stream that will be dedicated to this project: Style Channel Orler. Full of contributions from all over the world, Style Channel is a container where the public can inform themselves and read up on all the artists that are part of Orler Factory and beyond.
We created a Facebook page that will allow you to stay updated on all our programs. Just click "Like" on the page. Also, we invite you to follow our feed on Twitter while having the opportunity to interact and argue about art.
Our site is an e-commerce site that will give you the possibility to choose and refuse any work. Then we will come to your home and give you our advice. We will be happy to offer our experience and assistance in assessing any good investment.
Specific and competent attention will be paid to the service of those companies. The piece dimensions or what sector it’s in does not matter. Special attention will be given to those who wish, through art and events related to it, to increase its "appeal" and its visibility in this challenging market that characterize our times.
Thanks for you time,
Orler Emmanuela

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To give new life, new research, a new way to invest without too much risk in the art world.

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